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The Benefits of Virtual Therapy

Updated: Apr 10

In the last year, you may have a seen a lot of therapists or mental health organizations offering ‘virtual therapy’ in response to the global pandemic. You may have wondered what this meant and how it works. Virtual therapy is counselling that takes place by video chat, over the phone, or on an app. This allows people to engage in therapy in the comfort of their homes. There are many benefits of virtual therapy and it can be just as effective as in person therapy.

Comfort of Your Own Home

You may find it hard to leave the house to meet a therapist at their office. You may have small children that would require a babysitter or don’t have transportation to their office. Virtual therapy makes it possible to engage in therapy even with a toddler at home.

COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID-19, a lot of places are not offering in person sessions, so virtual therapy allows you to start or continue with your treatment. The pandemic has been hard on a lot of people which makes virtual options an important part of getting through this pandemic. Even after the pandemic is over, when people are sick with any illness they are able to continue with therapy without putting themselves or others at risk or having to cancel their appointment.


Virtual therapy means less time commuting to and from appointments. Some people prefer to have therapy from their homes rather than make a trip across the city. Our lives get busy and virtual therapy can mean one less thing to worry about.

Fewer Barriers

If you are from a small town you may be limited to the number and types of therapists around you. However, with virtual therapy you can meet with someone outside of your city. You can also find someone who specializes in the type of therapy that is best suited for your needs.

Hours of Availability

If you are someone who works Monday to Friday 9-5 it may be hard to squeeze a therapy appointment in between meetings or after you clock out. With virtual therapy, a lot of professionals are offering sessions in the evenings or on weekends as well as during the noon hour.

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