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Do you often feel on edge?  Perhaps you regularly feel mentally & emotionally exhausted?  Do you find it hard to trust people? Maybe you always have a harsh voice in your head that puts you down or tells you there’s something wrong with you?  Do you tend to freeze when faced with stressful situations? Do you find yourself avoiding sleep because you dread the nightmares? Maybe you yearn for a relationship but then panic when someone starts to actually fall for you? 

Trauma can have a devastating impact on a person’s life.  

Trauma can have a devastating impact on a person’s life.  

Whether it was a single trauma that happened to you or many traumatic events over a lifetime, the effects can be pervasive.  Many people are aware that trauma can result in flashbacks and nightmares but less well known are some of the other more subtle symptoms.  Therapy can help you decrease the intensity of emotions and find relief.


Our services include working with individuals in the following areas:


Shock trauma

  • sexual assault and/or harassment

  • traumatic loss of a loved one

  • medical trauma

  • childbirth trauma

  • car accident

  • witnessing an accident or death

Developmental trauma

  • childhood abuse

  • neglect

  • bullying

  • adverse childhood experiences

  • parental conflict

  • chronic childhood stress

You struggle with:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • hopelessness

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • disconnected from important relationships

  • feel out of control or powerless

  • not feeling happy or content

  • avoiding friends or social settings

  • no longer do the things you used to love to do

  • you dread going to work every day

  • thoughts ruminate

  • always thinking about regrets

  • can’t say no

  • toxic relationships

  • feeling unworthy

  • easily angered or irritated

  • you don’t know who you are

  • feelings of guilt or shame

  • self destructive behavior

  • nightmares & difficulty sleeping

  • always exhausted

  • feeling caught in the past

  • addiction to food, alcohol, drugs or gambling

  • unexplained physical ailments

  • thoughts about wanting to die to end the pain

When working with someone who has difficulty moving beyond their traumatic experiences I employ a variety of techniques that are individualized based on each unique client.  Whether it be talk therapy, EMDR, CBT, mindfulness or inner child work therapy can help you:

  • feel more relaxed

  • get better sleep

  • have more motivation

  • feel fulfilled in your relationships

  • experience less anxiety

  • enjoy your time with friends

  • love your work

  • feel more in control

  • experience fewer physical symptoms

  • feel happy and content

  • have more confidence

  • learn better ways to communicate

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