Walk & Talk Therapy

Do you prefer the idea of being able to move during a counseling session?  Perhaps you prefer a more casual session in a non-traditional setting? Then walk and talk therapy might just be a perfect fit for you.  

How does it work?

An initial session needs to be done in the office prior to starting walk and talk therapy so we have the ability to do an intake form, discuss goals and make sure walk and talk is a good fit.  We also have a separate confidentiality agreement that needs to be signed because we cannot guarantee confidentiality in public the way we can in the office. We will also discuss what weather we are both willing to walk in.

At our regular appointment time we meet at my office or arrange to meet at a different location and we go from there.  We have limited time slots available for these particular sessions so they need to be arranged in advance. The walking is always done at the pace you set for us.  

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